How to create a ribbon button to show the Signatures pane in Word

The aim

I want to create a button on a customized ribbon in Microsoft Word to display the Signatures pane.

The problem: using idMso FileViewDigitalSignatures doesn't work

Microsoft provides a download that lists of all the control IDs for built-in controls on the Word ribbon [Lene Fredborg, 01-Sep-2021: Outdated download link replaced with newer, valid link for Office 2016].

That file lists the command that should show the Signatures pane: FileViewDigitalSignatures. In the Word user interface, it's a toggleButton on the File > Prepare menu.

You can use the Word 2010 ‘Customize the Ribbon’ tool to add this command to a custom group on a custom tab. It's the command listed as “View Signatures”. And it works. When the button is clicked, Word displays the Signatures pane.

So I try to add this command by customizing the ribbon in code using

<toggleButton idMso="FileViewDigitalSignatures" /> <!-- this doesn't work -->

The command is completely ignored. No error is raised. The toggleButton just doesn’t appear.

So, I think, I'll just create a button re-using the relevant image (imageMso="FileViewDigitalSignatures"). And I'll invoke the command directly using .ExecuteMso.

But that doesn't work, either. If I use something like

Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso("FileViewDigitalSignatures") ' this doesn't work

I get an unspecified automation error.

That's because .ExecuteMso only works on a control that is both visible and enabled, according to Microsoft's object model documentation. I can't make the control visible, so I can't use .ExecuteMso.

Similarly, if I use

Application.CommandBars("Signatures").Visible = True ' this doesn't work

I get an unspecified automation error.


There is a workaround: create a custom button on the ribbon, use the built-in image (imageMso = "FileViewDigitalSignatures") and get its click callback to run something like

Application.TaskPanes(wdTaskPaneSignature).Visible = True

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