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Basic concepts

Basic concepts of Microsoft Word: An introduction

This page, and those that follow from it, present the Basic Concepts of using Microsoft Word. For new and experienced Word users.

1. Start typing your new document

Basic steps in creating a new Word document and entering simple text.

2. Rules for typing in Word

Three rules for typing in a Word document. Within a paragraph, just keep typing. Press Enter only once at the end of every paragraph. Use the spacebar only once at the end of each sentence.

2.1 Why you should not press Enter at the end of every line

When typing in a Word document, don't press the Enter key at the end of every line. This page explains why.

2.2 Why you should press Enter only once to end a paragraph

When typing in a Word document, press Enter only once to end a paragraph. This page explains why.

2.3 Why you should use one space after each sentence

When typing in a Word document, press the spacebar only once at the end of each sentence. This page explains why.

3. Use styles to format text

Formatting text in Microsoft Word. How to use Word styles to format text in Word.

4. In Microsoft Word, use tables and tabs to arrange text

Don't use the spacebar in Microsoft Word to position text. In Word, it's often easier to use a table to lay out text in columns.

5. Use a bulleted paragraph style for bullets and dotpoints

How to create bullets or dotpoints in Microsoft Word.

6. Make changes, fix mistakes, edit your document

Basics of editing in Microsoft Word: how to add, delete, change, copy, move and format text. How to find and replace text. How to check spelling and grammar.

7. Use page numbering and let the text flow from page to page

Don't type in page numbers by hand! How to get Microsoft Word to put page numbers in your document automatically.

8. Print your document

Basic guide to printing your Word document.

Managing Word

Asking questions, getting help

4 ways to get free information about how to use Word.

What version of Word do I have?

Start up Microsoft Word. Compare these pictures to Word running on your computer to find out what version of Word you have.