What interests you today? Something for everyone on the team

Most of my Microsoft Word development work is in producing templates for formal reports.

More broadly, I'm interested in how Microsoft Word is used in businesses and government.

Not just users, but the whole team.

  • The graphic designers who create corporate designs

    Sometimes I get to work alongside the graphic designer. Sometimes I'm just given the corporate style manual and a few images and I never even know who created the design.

    Either way, the graphic designer probably worked on a Mac. He or she might never have even seen Word for Windows. And I've never seen Indesign on a Mac! Somehow, we have to come together.

    So I've written up some notes that might be useful to graphic designers in preparing images and specifications that a developer will use to create a Microsoft Word template.

  • The developers who use those designs to create Word templates and tools.
  • The people who use those templates and tools—including people who want to learn about the basic underlying concepts of Word.
  • And the managers who have to deal with all those people—and the IT department.

Choose your interest in the list below to see a list of the articles relevant to your role.

For beginners

Articles about the basic concepts of Word

For developers

Articles for developers of Word templates and tools, whether you use .NET, VSTO, VB6, VBA, VB Script or another language to address the Word object model

For graphic designers

For graphic designers working on a Mac whose corporate designs will be used in Word for Windows: specifying colours, images and layout for use in Word for Windows

For managers

Articles for people who manage Word users and installations and deployment of Word

For users

Articles about using Word to create fabulous documents easily